Entertain with Gelée!

Caprese Verrine with Heirloom Tomato Gelée, Burrata Cheese, Olive Oil, Basil

Camembert with Edible Flower Wine Gelée

Espresso Gelée with Coffee Liqueur Cream

Entertain with Gelée!
Another dinner party at Lori Lynn’s, but this one starts off differently…my friends join me in the kitchen as we film the first ever video for Taste With The Eyes. On the menu is a gorgeous Camembert Cheese decorated with Edible Flower Wine Gelée to be served with grilled bread as an appetizer. Our Sunken City Supper Club signature amuse bouche, the Caprese Verrine, kicks off the dinner as a vibrant 2 oz. bite. And for dessert, we serve a petite 3 oz. Espresso Gelée topped with Coffee Liqueur Cream.

All three gelée incarnations are perfect for entertaining with their enigmatic texture, the shimmering gelatin captures the essence of the flavor and melts in the mouth. They are easy to prepare, easy on the pocketbook, and feature a unique presentation that is certain to delight. They’re most likely not something your guests are preparing every day at home…

I couldn’t wait to start this project. We had a blast making the video! With my dearest friends encouraging me while we filmed the video, sipping Champagne, they gave their best advice: Fix your bangs! Look at the camera! Don’t look at the camera! Talk slower! Talk faster! Smile! CUT! This was a riot! And the dishes, they speak for themselves.

After the final cut Chip asks, “Can I taste it?”

You bet!

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Autumn Antiquity Soup

Autumn Antiquity Soup…

…is a soup where spelt is the star – along with chestnuts, tomatoes, pancetta, onion, beef broth, parsley and thyme. It is a perfect Autumn soup, a transition soup, with deep earthy flavors and rich colors, yet the broth is not heavy at all, saving those really hearty soups for the colder weather months ahead. The soup is brightened with a dollop of tangy non-fat Greek yogurt and a drizzle of fruity olive oil.

Spelt Berries – Whole Kernels of Grain

Spelt is the grain from antiquity, the non-hybrid primitive relative of our present day wheat dating back more than 9000 years with a nutty flavor and an intriguing chewy texture.

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Las Vegas Libations!

KIWI-TINI @ tommy bahama’s
Town Square Las Vegas

Is it possible to visit Las Vegas and not indulge in food and drink? As foodies, we LOVE Vegas. This past weekend we dined at the BEST of the BEST – Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnier, and Joel Robuchon among others. We were obviously leaning French this trip!  Is there a city where one can find so many of the world’s top chefs? It’s Vegas, baby!

In addition to dining at the crème de la crème, how about some just plain ol’ fun? On the patio at Tommy Bahama’s…in the open air bar at Mon Ami Gabi with views of the strip…relaxing on the couches at Morels with their unmatched cheese bar…high atop the strip at Mix with views from the 64th floor…and at Red Square where we contemplated purchasing the requisite bottle of vodka, to don fur coats and enjoy the beverage in the vodka vault at minus 5 degrees. Alas, as we had dinner reservations later that night at Joel Robuchon at 9 PM, so we sipped a glass of Veuve instead. Maybe next time?

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Charming Brunch

We didn’t go to the French countryside, but enjoyed a taste of French Country decor & cuisine all the same…I recently took my mother to brunch at the adorable Stella Mare’s restaurant in Santa Barbara, California. The house was originally build in 1872 and moved to its current site on the edge of the Santa Barbara Bird Refuge in 1962.

Stella Mare’s Victorian house is a designated historic landmark.

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Smoked Soup

Smoked Chicken, Smoked Oysters, Smoked Paprika, Smoked Sea Salt

Crazy for smoke? Back in March a recipe by Chef Linton Hopkins for a Shrimp & Smoked Oyster Chowder in Food & Wine caught my attention. The photo from that article had been hanging on my refrigerator ever since. And I don’t know about you, but it is very difficult to walk past the huge smoker at Whole Foods Market without adding a “smoked something” to the cart. The aroma is intoxicating.

Another favorite – smoked oysters. I like the Crown Prince ‘Natural’ Brand. These oysters are harvested in South Korea, naturally smoked over oak, and packed in pure olive oil. In Chef Hopkins’ chowder, the smoked oysters are chopped. Here, I make them the star of the soup – they are warmed, and served whole. These oysters, along with the smoked half chicken from Whole Foods, plus Spanish smoked paprika & smoked sea salt result in a unique soup with layers of smoky flavor…

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Cold Poached Salmon, Picnic Style

heart healthy cold poached salmon over multi grain angel hair pasta
meyer lemon slivers, shaved fennel, kalamata olive, marinated artichoke, fat-free feta
olive oil meyer lemon dill sauce

The star of the meal at our Elegant Heart Healthy Picnic by the Sea
was the cold poached Canadian King Salmon. Here’s the recipe!

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